A couple more ways to rig it

new bass fishing rig

I also found that exchanging the glass bead for a small tungsten bullet weight works really well. This will still allow the prop to spin freely but also adds a little weight to the rig to help get your bait down deeper. This will be helpful if you’re fishing small single swimbaits down deep or if you wanted to fish this teaser with a spybait for instance. It also keeps the whole rig level in the water instead of having a heavy jighead swimbait below and the teaser being weightless up above. With some weight up near the teaser, it looks like the lure is more naturally trailing a small school of baitfish.

You can also use a swivel to better lock your teaser in place. If you’re using small diameter line, casting really hard or perhaps even trolling a setup with this teaser in salt water, you’ll find that the bobber stoppers aren’t enough to hold the teaser in place. Using a swivel in place of the bobber stopper closest to your bait will fix this problem. Then simply tie a short leader line to the bottom of your swivel and attach your bait to opposite end of the leader line and you’re good to go.