A blend of castability and strength


You’re not going to have any problems casting all the way to your backing knot when using ProMix. I’ve been fishing a Rapala Skitter Walk a bunch with this 30-pound ProMix and the Skitter Walk isn’t really a big topwater lure. Weighing just 7/16 ounce, it can be tricky to make long casts with this lure. 

I’ve been fairly blown away by how easy it has been to cast all the line off my reel when fishing with these smaller topwaters. Whether you’re running down the bank looking for a pattern or trying to get your bait to schoolers in the middle of a pocket, you’ll absolutely appreciate the castability of this line. 

Strength-wise, you can set the hook as hard as you possibly can without a single worry of knot or line failure. I don’t go crazy with fancy, hard-to-tie knots. I tie a Palomar knot 100% of the time and don’t have the first complaint about the strength and durability of ProMix. You’ll bend your hook(s) before you break this line.