A bladed crankbait


At first glance, the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw looks like a simple squarebill with a metal lip. Unusual, but not really different. But once you grab hold of the bill and feel the bait shift to one side, the difference is evident. The Jabber Jaw’s bill, the best I can tell, is secured to the body of the bait by a pin running through the middle of the bill’s base so it can oscillate side to side and hammer up against metal plates in the cheeks of the bait.

This combination of a vibrating jig and a crankbait does something new. It gives the fish a lure they are used to looking at and a bait they are used to hearing, but repackages the two in a way that triggers bites anew. Combining these two staple baits into this new hybrid totally changes where you can now present these triggering characteristics. Let me explain what I mean.