9. Sardis Lake, Mississippi


“No list of top destinations is complete without mentioning Sardis,” said Jerry Hancock.

“Sardis has great size and great numbers combined,” Ronnie Capps said.

“Eufaula and Sardis both have crazy numbers of fish for those that just want to catch something,” Robert Carlisle said.

Sardis is a 98,000 acre lake just outside of Oxford, Miss. along the Tallahatchie River. The lake is another destination for good sized crappie with incredible numbers although 3-pound crappie are not as common as some of the other crappie lakes not far from Sardis. If you just want to catch fish, Sardis is a good bet.

Be aware the lake can fluctuate several feet with a few inches of rain, so it can be somewhat volatile in the spring. But when you hit it right, it can be lights out crappie fishing with single pole jigging, open water stalking, tight-line trolling, shooting docks, casting to brush and timber as well as live bait fishing.