8 Casting and 3 Spinning


There are 8 casting models and 3 spinning models in the Ark Rods Lancer Pro lineup. My favorite is easily the 7-foot, 3-inch Mag Medium Heavy casting rod. This is a workhorse rod that can do a lot of things well. I’ve fished 3/4 ounce spinnerbaits on it, swimbaits on it, jigs on it, frogs, toads and more. But my favorite technique with this rod has been a swim jig. 

I can skip jigs under cover, swim jigs through cover and horse fish out of wood and grass with ease on this rod. I’ve flipped with it a bunch too without issue. It has just enough tip to sling a jig into a tight spot but a ton of backbone to hit fish hard and wind them in or ski them over the top of cover.