7. Imakatsu iRoller70

imakatsu iRoller70

It’s another smaller stickbait, but the Imakatsu iRoller70 is extremely unique. It’s barely 2 3/4 inches and only has one small hook, but it looks incredible in the water. On the fall, on a straight retrieve, drop shotted or free rigged. It’s a very neat bait with a lot of neat applications. Obviously its made for fishing in clear water as it’s very visual and alive looking in the water. It shimmies and rolls on a super slow retrieve and on the fall. The unique tail fibers undulate in the water very naturally giving off an incredibly lifelike minnow profile in the water. They are a little harder to come by and usually I find them on sites that carry JDM product stateside.

The swim video on this thing is crazy: iRoller70 Swim Video.