7. Eufaula Lake, Oklahoma


“Eufaula Lake is a numbers lake and has been for my 24 years of guiding here,” said Todd Huckabee. “It’s very easy fishing for first time people, more ramps and access than any other lake I have fished, and literally eater sized crappie everywhere.”

“When it comes to crappie fishing, Eufaula Lake has been producing nice numbers of crappie for the last 30 years,” said Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. “The limit on crappie is a crazy 37 per person. I love this lake because it’s loaded with old Bodark trees, slang for bois d’arc or hard Osage Orange trees. Awesome for holding crappie darn near year around.

“I mainly focus on the tributaries that run into Eufaula, using techniques like vertical fishing or pitching to standing timber and stumps back in the bays and creek channels. Lake Eufaula is normally a pretty stained lake so you can get almost right on top of crappie. I like to use a 10ft crappie rod when i target this lake year around. If you’re looking for numbers Lake Eufaula is the place to be. Oh, and don’t forget to eat in Krebs if you like Italian food. It’s the Bomb.”

“Eufaula Lake has crappie from one end of the lake to the other,” said Kevin Rogers. “Although it’s not a ‘crappie of a lifetime lake’, it’s most definitely a ‘fill your freezer lake.’ The massive population of crappie is amazing at this Oklahoma gem!”