60-degree eye


I really think all swimbait jig heads should have their eye at an angle like this. VMC has this one listed as a 60-degree eye, though I’m not sure how they measured the angle to get there. I think of the degree of the eye in relation to the hook shaft. So an eye coming straight up like you see on a lot of jigs would be a 90-degree angle, one that’s perfectly perpendicular to the hook shaft. But this one is a good bit wider, so I would classify it as maybe a 120-degree angle or so if you were measuring from the hook shaft.

But either way, it’s a good thing. Having the eye at this angle creates a better hookset by pulling the bait forward and up. It’s also a more natural angle for the retrieve. If you picture the bait in the water coming back to the boat, an angled eye like this creates a straighter shot back up your line towards your rod tip. This helps the bait swim through the water more horizontally and less like it’s being pulled with its tail up in the air.