6. Truman Lake, Missouri


“Truman Lake is my home lake and it makes my top 10 due to the number of crappie,” said Kevin Rogers. “I haven’t been anywhere in the country over the past 30 years of crappie fishing that even comes close to the number of crappie that live there. Truman is the elite summer time lake in the country because they bite when it’s hot—in fact, the hotter the better!”

“Truman is one of the best classic lakes for standing timber crappie fishing,” said Robert Carlisle.

“Always known for great numbers and a must visit lake for single pole fishing,” Jerry Hancock said. “Truman has started pumping out some great quality in recent years!”

“It is phenomenal because you have potential of catching fish exceeding 2-pounds plus quantity,” Matt Rogers said. “The lake is full of standing timber that don’t require you to own high end electronics to fish. The lake accepts all types of techniques to target black crappie or white crappie. There are four arms of the lake with two major river arms. The Osage River is my favorite. Its large size and numbers will provide good practice for finding and tracking crappie in timber.”