5. Lake O the Pines, Texas


“I spend more time on this lake than I do my home lake, and it’s 8 hours from my house,” said Kevin Rogers. “I would have ranked it higher, but it’s not as good in the spring as Lake Fork or say a Grenada. That being said, it’s at the top of the list because from October to January, this lake really shines!

“During those months when most the country is frozen, Lake O’ the Pines shells out big crappie on the regular. This lake is full of world class black and white species, and more times than not, they are living in the same locations. That in itself makes for a fun day of slab swinging!”

“One of the wintertime stops for countless crappie anglers,” said Jerry Hancock. “You can’t think about big crappie and not think about The Pines!”