5. Huckabee Phantom 13


Many folks don’t know this, but these heavy duty rods that everyone has for crappie fishing now was actually the idea of Todd Huckabee back about 15 years ago when he was pro staff for a big rod brand and asked them to let him design longer rods with some backbone in them because they catch big crappie and need heavy duty rods that can handle big fish in cover and at a distance. 

The rod company thought his idea would never sell, so he left their prostaff and started making his own rods with Power Crappie LLC. 

Now he offers a suite of his Huckabee Rods like his Phantom 13 that features a heavy power rod with a long cork handle to give you total control over spooky big slabs at a distance. I have enjoyed swinging some big crappie out of shallow cover this spring with this rod. 

These heavy action blanks with sensitive tips can feel the bite at a distance and swing fish easily. They feature extra long cork grips, fixed reel seats and stainless steel guides. These rods have thicker blanks and bigger grips for guys that prefer a bigger grip on a rod.

You can find the Phantom 13 at toddhuckabeerods.com.