4. St. John’s River, Florida


Another one of the scenic bucket-list destinations for crappie, especially black crappie, the St. John’s River offers unique fishing for great big black crappie and great numbers as well. These are some of the prettiest crappie you will find anywhere in that tannic water.

“If you’re after huge black crappie and beautiful scenery, these Florida fishery’s have to be at the top of your list,” said Jerry Hancock.

“Man, do I love this fishery,” said Wally Marshall. “It has it all, but I have a different take on this river than most.

“I have always heard crappie fishing was no good after it got hot during the summer months. Well, I proceeded to prove a point that crappie will hit a 2-inch Shad pole and catch them casting in the summer. Sure nuff, the water temp was 89 degrees and the temp was 102. I was catching crappie on every cast, and no one was there to witness this awesome day on the St.John’s River because it was too hot.

“I think for a sure bet February thru June, the St.Johns is a no-can-miss when it comes to catching big slab black crappie. Oh and don’t forget the big shell crackers. Great places to eat and stay. If ! didn’t have to live in Texas, I would move to the St. Johns River. It’s that good of a fishery for crappie. You can do it all: troll, shoot docks, vertical jig and cast. It’s a blast to fish!”