4.7:1 gear ratio


The Abu Garcia REVO Winch features a 4.7:1 gear ratio. If you’re not familiar with the jargon, this essentially means that every time you turn the handle, the spool turns 4.7 times. This is noticeably slower than many spinning reels on the market and in some situations, I think it’s very advantageous. 

When water temperatures drop, both the bass and their prey become especially lethargic; everything moves much slower than it normally would in warmer temperatures. You can still catch a bunch of cold-water bass on moving baits, but your retrieve needs to match the sluggish behavior under the surface. A lower gear ratio, such as 4.7:1, allows you to capitalize on this while also keeping your lure in the strike zone longer. 

I’ve found this reel to be a great option for small balsa crankbaits, grubs, spybaits and swimbaits. The lower gear ratio translates into a lot of torque, which allows you to put less effort into retrieving these baits as well.