30-pound test


To be quite honest, this is probably the line size I use the least on this list. I make a concerted effort to keep my fishing as simple as possible, but there are a few reasons I always keep a few spools of 30-pound braided line handy.

The primary reason I included this on my list is because of its effectiveness with topwater lures. If you’re walking a bit topwater plug such as a Zara Spook, a Lucky Craft Sammy or a 13 Fishing Duel Pitch Top Walker, the responsiveness provided by 30-pound braid is impossible to beat. While you can opt for monofilament with your walking topwaters, the diameter of 30-pound braid is much smaller and allows for astronomical casting distance. Also, when you get a bite 30 yards from the boat, the no-stretch properties of braided line allow for an outstanding hookup ratio.

What I’ve been using lately: I got hooked on 30-pound Seaguar Smackdown a few years ago on Lake Hartwell. It’s strong, it doesn’t dig into itself and it’ll easily last a year or more once it’s on your reel.