21. Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver


Andre Moore was an up and coming professional tournament angler when he won an FLW Tour event on Beaver Lake with a wild homemade soft plastic he designed. This bait didn’t resemble anything in the water, but it did something special in the water because the bass could not, and still cannot, resist it. 

The Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver featured a ribbed body with a creased mid section, flapping appendages and a spade tail that can be split. It mimics baitfish, bluegill and crawfish all in one when flipped and punched through heavy cover and hopped around under matted vegetation and thick willow bushes alike. 

It is a staple fish catcher from California to Florida and all though it’s not been around as long as many other creations on the list, it’s another one of those baits that spawned a whole new class of baits and presentations for bass in heavy cover. 

For that reason it comes in at No. 21 on our list of Top 25 Most Influential Bass Fishing Lures.