2. Your jig’s level is more important than speed


“If you drop the jig down through and past them, you often spook the crappie out of there,” said reigning 2019 Mr. Crappie Invitational champion Tony Sheppard. “Before I had Livescope, I would just drop my jigs down and then reel up to where I thought the fish were. After I got Livescope, I saw when I did that, the crappie often spooked out of there. Now I’ve learned to lower my jig down to the fish and keep it above them at all times.”

In my own practice these last few months, I’ve seen where you can work a jig pretty fast as long as you are above the fish. I can sit off a brush pile and cast to it and reel it steady pretty high above the pile and watch crappie blast off out of the pile and nail it. Other times I will let my jig sit above a fish with a long rod like the Jenko X13. When the crappie starts to show interest, I will take the jig away slowly and that usually speeds them up into a bite.

So staying above the fish has yielded a lot bigger catches for me this year.