2. Shimano World Minnow 115sp

shimano world minnow 115sp

The Shimano World Minnow 115sp brought some new ideas to the jerkbait niche in bass fishing. Their new Flash Boost technology features a plate that is suspended inside the bait. When you jerk this jerkbait and let it pause, the Flash Boost plate continues to flicker and flash while the bait is sitting still. My first outing with these new jerkbaits was a good one. I caught several fish, with all the bites coming on the pause. I really enjoyed how this bait casted and fished. It’s a very heavy duty and durable bait. I don’t recommend slamming into the rip rap or the side of a dock, but it’s a very well made jerkbait with a strong lip.

It fished really well on baitcasting gear and the bait shows up great on my Livescope. I also found the baits very easy to tweak to get into various strike zones. I fished it really shallow and weighted it to fish deep and did equally well with both.

Our buddy Alex Davis has already had a client catch a 10-pounder on one this winter on Guntersville that we’ll share at the end of this round-up.

You can find the Shimano World Minnow at FishUSA.com.