2. B’n’M Poles Stick and Super Stick Rods


The B’n’M Poles Stick and Super Stick are throwbacks to their popular stiff crappie rods from the early 80s. The Stick and Super Stick feature 21-inch Portuguese handles with reinforced reel seats that are made to fit under your arm for leverage to swing hard on a fish around cover and then swing them easily into your boat. The Stick was made for spinning reels and the Super Stick is made for baitcasters. Both work great with braid.

I fished them with Piscifun Spark Baitcasters and 10-pound braid. So it was easy to hit fish, move them away from cover and swing them into the boat. With a light reel like a Bucks Best Ultralight Crappie Reel your whole combo will be 10-11 ounces. Not too shabby for a 13-foot, heavy-duty crappie rod.

The Super Stick is a 2-piece rod, making it a lot easier to transport two 6 1/2-foot sections in your truck or boat.

You can find the Super Stick at bnmpoles.com and MidwayUSA.com (on sale now).