13.85-Pound Bass the Weekend before Christmas


Lozano spends most of his fishing time throwing big swimbaits looking for the biggest bass in a lake. He spent years fishing tournaments in California and Texas and even guided for a while in Mexico on Lake El Salto. But now when he has a chance to go, he fishes strictly for big ones. 

He often starts his pursuit in September, graphing and mapping out features on a body of water like breaklines, grass lines and cover on offshore structure. Then he comes back November through February and fishes the places he marked with good potential with big swimbaits. 

Thanksgiving 2019, Lozano herniated two discs and was laid up unable to fish until just before Christmas. The weekend before Christmas, he fished that Friday all day without a bite. Then he fished all day Saturday and never got a bite. Then started the day Sunday looking much the same without a bite until 10:30 am. He was throwing a Nates Bait Shad when the big fish hit. He fought the fish out of deep water for a few minutes and was able to boat his personal best bass of 13.85 pounds. 

Lozano has more than 100 fish weighing more than 10 pounds to his credit, and this was his third teener largemouth. It was also his first double digit bass since 2017.