11. Kentucky Lake, Kentucky & Tennessee


Falling just outside the top 10, Kentucky Lake is much like Clear Lake in that it’s a rare fishery that can sustain incredible bass fishing and incredible crappie fishing simultaneously. While the lake had a down cycle in recent years, it’s coming back strong and fast now and will no doubt be a top 10 fishery in the next year or two. 

You can really spread out on Kentucky Lake or pick just one major creek and spend all your time there. It’s almost like having a lot of smaller crappie lakes connected on one big fishery because it’s so large and diverse. And locals have spent a lot of time adding cover to the fishery.

“Kentucky Lake has good quality fish and the numbers seem to always be better on Kentucky,” said Tony Sheppard. “Water clarity remains clearer, and in the summer months, most of the fish will move out to the river on main lake stumps. South Kentucky fishes a tad bit more like Barkley, but then again, it’s more like river the further south you go. Fishing structure on both body’s of water is normally your best option.”

“Kentucky has great numbers and good overall size fish,” Capps said. “It has good populations of both black and white crappie.”