10. Presentation and Speed Matter More than Color


I have never been a crazy color guy. I usually stick with a very small selection of colors and just keep throwing them because, they always seem to work for me. This has become more evident with LiveScope.

I would cycle through various colors and each one would catch them equally well as long as I lined up my presentation with the fish and fished the lure at a speed they liked. Sometimes with crappie fishing, the jig can swing through or swim through too fast and they don’t react other than following it a few feet. This is when that stutter can work. Just pop the slack a little to get it to stall and rise and fall in place without swimming away.

Sometimes you had to just hold the jig in their face until they would bite. Sometimes a tiny hair jig gets twice as many bites as a heavy plastic tail.

Same with bass. I’ve gone up and down on weight and size to slow or speed up the lure more than I have changed the color of the lure. I’ve done things like weight jerkbaits, lighten swimbaits and add weight to Alabama Rigs to get more speed to trigger followers to bite.

Anymore, color is pretty far down on the list when I’m experimenting with fish not reacting and biting. Now it’s more about speed and presentation because I’m getting direct immediate feedback on LiveScope about the fish’s mood, reaction and willingness to bite.

While LiveScope and other new real-time imaging solutions are not cure alls for fishing, the amount of feedback about fish behavior they can provide is fascinating.

I always loved sight fishing for bass as a kid. I use to wade for redfish as a boy and loved that more than anything. Not because I thought it was easier to hook them if I could see them, because it often was harder in fact, but because I was getting to see first hand how the fish reacted to the different things I did.

That’s where LiveScope and the new real-time sonar innovations have reinvigorated me for fishing. I feel like I’m watching and interacting with the fish again like when I was a kid. It’s actually redefined fishing for me.

After spending a year watching fish behavior on my Garmin screens, I now define fishing as the following:

Fishing—coaxing curious creatures into reacting impulsively to enticing counterfeits.

Merry Christmas! And may you coax a bunch of curious big fish in the New Year!

Stay tuned for some incredible video footage that some of these pictures came from.