Tournament Fishing

Tournament Saver Pro Elite Jumper System

Have you ever been  fishing with the livewells pumping, electronics dialed in, Hydrowave  running and a boat load of fish and  with only a few minutes to spare in your tournament day to  find out your starting battery is near death and won’t allow the engine to crank?  Images of signing autographs and    endorsing your tournament  winning paychecks can quickly be replaced with despair and aggrevation.  Just about everyone who owns a boat has had this happen. Long days on the water can get even longer but now with a new push button jumper system by Tournament Saver Pro those days are gone. With a simple push of a button, on your  console,  a charge from your trolling motor batteries can be used to start your engine, within 10 seconds,  and you can make it in on time.
No more  jumper cables or a heavy jump box just a small, easy to install system that takes the worries about getting back to the ramp safely away. Elite Series pros Alton Jones and Keith Combs swear by them and we definitely want to check it out. Whether you have money on the line, like the pros, or  you are just out for a fun day of fishing, the peace  of mind  of knowing your engine will start is huge.
We are going to put this system to the test  and will be installing the Tournament Saver Pro Elite on one of our boats. We will follow up with a product review very soon.
You can learn  more about this system at