Zoom Super Salty Tube Review

Tubing is maybe the most boring substance in the world. So folks probably scoffed when Bobby Garland first came out with a fishing plastic that looked like someone let off a firecracker in the end of some plastic tubing. However it still accounts for thousands of bass being fooled every year from one coast to another.

Likewise Zoom has come up with some of the most necessary and productive shapes in bass fishing that have all stood the test of time. For the longest time they avoided making a salty tube like so many other companies offered. But the demand for a thick-walled tube grew too much for the stalwart of soft plastics to ignore.

They recently released the Zoom Salty Super Tube. The tube comes in both 3 3/4-inch and 4 1/4-inch sizes and comes eight to a pack. They offer 16 colors now with more that are sure to come. But really their color spectrum covers everything you need for flipping a tube in dirty water, pitching a bright tube to bedding bass and casting a natural looking tube in clear water like anglers are accustomed to on fisheries like Lake Erie for gargantuan smallmouths.

We’ve been testing the tubes for several months on a variety of tackle, with a variety of techniques in a variety of situations. And as you might guess, we really like the variety a versatility with these tubes. We’ve fished them Texas-rigged on heavy line, cast on jigheads on light spinning tackle, pitched to bedding smallmouths and largemouths and fished out deep on ledges


Because the tubes are thick walled and full of salt, they add quiet a bit of bulk and weight to your presentation and make casting them very easy, even on light 1/8 and 1/16 ounce jigheads and bullet sinkers.

We’ve found that the tubes are really durable and hold up to the abuse of numerous fish before having to switch to a new tube. We’ve caught some large fish on the tubes and fished behind others and caught fish on the tubes on banks where we saw them catch fish ahead of us. These tubes have a great profile that not only mimics crawfish very well but also shad and other baitfish.

The tubes work. And at $3.89 a pack, it’s hard to go wrong.

One example I’ve had recently with some fish was on a ledge.The fish were biting a football jig really good. When it seemed like the school was done feeding and through hitting the football jig, I was able to come behind with a tube and hop it off the bottom like stroking a jig on a jighead and get a bunch of extra fish on reaction strikes. It’s really cool when you find another bait that they don’t shy away from when the bite seems to slow. The tubes spiral well on a light jig head, launch equally well on heavy or light line and stay together through numerous bass.

Our favorite colors have been blueberry for muddy water, green pumpkin blue for clear water and disco green and smokin candy for bedding bass and also imitating shad where bass are feeding on them.

To order some of these tubes or just to check out the good colors they have to offer, visit TackleWarehouse.com.


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