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WileyX Echo Sunglasses review

WileyX Echo Sunglasses review

If you look at almost any picture of me on Wired2Fish.com, you’ll notice I’m always wearing sunglasses. My blue eyes are very sensitive to light, so even on overcast days, I wear sunglasses religiously. For the past 3 years, I’ve been wearing WileyX Echo Sunglasses and I’d be absolutely lost without them. There are 4 reasons I choose these shades over many others.

  • Durable
  • Perfect fit, even at high speeds
  • Great clarity
  • Affordable

Durability is a big deal with sunglasses

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my WileyX Echo Sunglasses on the ground. Whether I forget they’re on my hat and I take my hat off or I accidentally catapult them onto the pavement when getting out of my truck, I’ve tortured these things for years. Fortunately for me, they’ve withstood every bit of the punishment.

The nose guards have stayed in place without any slipping or separation and the rubber ends on the arms have also stayed intact. I haven’t noticed any unwanted flex in the arm joints or the frame, either, which is impressive considering these sunglasses are essentially an extension of me.

Comfortable, sturdy fit even at high speeds

I’d rather not think about my dozens of pairs of sunglasses sitting at the bottom of lakes around the country. I didn’t lose them due to lack of care, but rather because of a poor fit.


WileyX Echo Sunglasses don’t flutter up and down on your face, even when hauling at 70 miles per hour across the lake. They come with a removable Facial Cavity Seal which ensures a solid fit and great protection from cold wind, bugs and water droplets. At first, I was skeptical of the seal as I was worried it would cause my eyes to get hot and the lenses to fog. Fortunately, the down-ventilation system doesn’t allow that—I frequently use the seal in 100-degree temperatures with no discomfort or vision distortion.

I don’t just use these glasses for fishing—they are my everyday sunglasses, which means I wear them for up to 8 hours each day. They don’t give me a headache and they don’t fit too tight above the ears, which is a common problem in sunglasses. I’ve got a big, ugly head and if they fit me, they’ll probably fit you as well.

Outstanding clarity



The lenses of the WileyX Echo Sunglasses are the clearest I’ve used to date. They have 99.9 percent polarization and 100 percent UV protection, and it’s evident when you wear them. Even after fishing all day in bright sunshine, my eyes aren’t ever tired.

I’ve used these glasses for 3 springs, which means I’ve caught a lot of bed fish with them. On many of my guide trips, I have to let my clients wear my shades instead of their expensive glasses in order to see the fish we’re targeting.

I recommend getting the Polarized Emerald Mirror lenses. They offer outstanding clarity, distinct color contrast in both fresh and saltwater and are great for every water color and level of sunlight.

They won’t cost you your firstborn

The WileyX Echo Sunglasses with the Polarized Emerald Mirror lenses are priced at $139.99. I meet a lot of folks who don’t believe in paying that much for sunglasses, but these are a fraction of the price when compared to many brands. As much as I fish, I consider them an important investment and was really excited when I paid just $140 for them.

As I mentioned earlier, these sunglasses are extremely durable, so there’s a great chance they’ll last you for years to come.

If you’re in the market for new fishing sunglasses, check out the Wiley X Echo Sunglasses. Try not to get too caught up in different lens colors and styles, either—mine have been incredible in every situation imaginable.

WileyX Echo Sunglasses are available at TackleWarehouse.com.

Review by Walker Smith

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