LifeProof Everyday Case Review

Remember those big orange floaties your mom forced onto your slick arm before you hopped into the pool in your preschool years? She was protecting something valuable from sinking like a rock to the bottom of the pool. You might have been unfortunate enough to feel that gut-kick feeling as you hear a “sploosh” sound and watch as your $300 cell phone cascades to the bottom like a flutter spoon. Well we’ve got a solution to your worries.

We recently received the new LifeProof Everyday Case for the iPhone 4s and the LifeProof LifeJacket that actually floats your phone should it drop overboard while fishing. The nice thing about the two in tandem is that it gives you almost a waterproof camera for fishing in the rain and rough water without worry of lake spray damaging your investment. And let’s face it, what good is a waterproof case when your phone falls over board if it doesn’t float. You’ll be happy to know your phone is still working at the bottom of the lake until the battery dies.

The first part of the combo is the case itself. It’s two pieces that snap together to create a waterproof, dustproof, grime proof barrier for your phone while still allowing it to be fully functional. It comes with a screwable headphone adapter so you can use your headphones in wet conditions while the phone remains waterproof. It also comes with a couple of screw in caps for the earphone port when headphones are not in use.

The second part of the combo is the LifeJacket. It’s nothing more than a bright-orange float that wraps around your phone and allows for the attachment of a hand strap or a neck lanyard for your phone. The LifeJacket slides on and off easily and stays securely snug around the LifeProof Everyday Case.

Your power port is accessed through a hinged door at the bottom of the case. This is one thing we hope gets improved in the next iteration of the case. The port for your chargers is too narrow and some chargers we tried just simply are not feasible with this case as they got stuck in the case and we literally had to pry the case apart to get the plug out.  It’s a minor inconvenience for waterproof protection, but if the door hinged a little further open and the port was a little more open, it would be a perfect case for everyday use.

As it stands I would still recommend the case for folks who really want full waterproof protection and the ability for your case to float, should it bounce overboard while you’re snapping photos of your colossal catch! Per the instructions, we definitely recommend you put the case together, close it and then submerse it underwater in your sink or tub before putting your phone in there and doing the same. Just make sure there is no water inside the case before trusting it will keep water out with your phone. It’s also critical that you make sure you seal every millimeter of the case before taking it into wet conditions.

The LifeProof Everyday Case has a steep price tag at $79.99, but anyone who’s shot photos around the water knows there is a premium on waterproof protection. The LifeJacket retails for $39.99 and we think this will be especially favorable to guys who like to kayak, canoe, and wade fish but hate having to worry about their phone getting damaged or worse yet lost. That big orange foam buddy will keep it visible and out of harm’s way.

I’ve been using the two cases together and putting my phone in my pocket while coaching third grade tackle football as it’s an added barrier of protection for kids whose helmets always seem to collide with my pockets.

You can find the LifeProof Cases at retailers like Best Buy and of course online at


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