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Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses

Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses

There’s a distinct reason why the large majority of bass anglers look like raccoons throughout the warmer months—we’re all serious about our sunglasses. A quality pair of polarized shades not only helps us see shallow cover better, but they also protect our eyes from UV radiation and high velocity impact.

I’ve been able to get my hands on the new Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses and test them extensively the last month or two and I’ll be honest—these suckers are sweet.

Comfortable for the entire day


Wearing a pair of poorly fitting sunglasses is awful. Either you’re constantly pushing them back up the bridge of your nose or you get a massive headache after just a few hours. Throughout my experience with the Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses, I don’t have a single bad thing to say about their comfort.

I’ve worn these shades a lot—driving, hunting, shooting and of course fishing and they have been extremely comfortable. The rubber nose piece and temple guards ensure they stay in place for hours on end without squeezing my face too tightly. I have a big ol’ head and they fit me very well without any headaches or pains whatsoever.

Just the other day I was squirrel hunting—yes, that’s an actual “thing”—while wearing these sunglasses and I found myself still wearing them after the sun went down. I’m sure I looked like a fool but they are so comfortable that I forgot I had them on.

They stay put on your face and hat


You won’t ever see me outside of my house without sunglasses on my face or on my hat—I can’t live without ‘em. I’ve had a lot of sunglasses in the past that weren’t great for either place, resulting in a lot of shades donated to the Lake Gods.

The Vengeance Sunglasses are excellent when driving your bass boat at high speeds. They don’t wiggle or wobble on your face in the least. They stay put and allow you to worry about driving your boat safely instead of holding your sunglasses on your face.


When you come off the water after the sun sets, they also stay in place on top of your hat. I know that sounds strange, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve had countless pairs of sunglasses fall off your hat and onto the pavement—I’ve ruined a lot of pairs like that. You can set the Vengeance frames on your hat and they won’t go anywhere. You can move around in your boat without worry and even take your hat off to scratch your head without them plummeting to an early and ugly demise.

Unreal clarity

Lens clarity is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a new pair of fishing sunglasses. On many of my past pairs, I’ve had the polarization coating—I think that’s what it is—chip off, small scratches develop over time and oils from sunscreen permanently smudge the lenses. The lenses of the Vengeance Sunglasses are remarkably clear. And by “remarkable”, I mean “freakin’ awesome”.

I’ve fished with these sunglasses several times and I have never seen any glare whatsoever when looking through the lenses. We’ve had a bunch of rain in my area which has resulted in some nasty water clarity, but I’ve been able to see small underwater features such as chunk rock, weed lines and stumps while wearing these sunglasses.

I’ve also been impressed by their effectiveness in cloudy conditions. A lot of folks have different sunglasses they wear when fishing in different conditions, but I haven’t needed any of that. The last few tournaments I’ve fished have been in rainy conditions and these lenses performed extremely well.



I don’t know what these glasses are rated for as far as impact resistance, so I’m not going to suggest having a buddy heave tungsten flipping weights at your eyeballs, but throughout my experience with them, they’ve proven to be very durable.

Every few weeks I go back to my roots, hop in a john boat and head to a secret little honey hole after work. Setting the hook so low to the water is awkward for me because I’m used to a bass boat—this often results in some hideous hooksets and dangerously close calls. While wearing the Vengeance Sunglasses, I had a 3/8-ounce tungsten weight come flying at my face and hit the right lens—talk about terrifying. Thankfully these shades protected my eyes and even better, they didn’t have a single scratch on them.

They’ve also been very durable in storage. I’ll admit—I don’t use the fancy carrying case that comes with these sunglasses. I’m always running around doing random outdoor activities, so I usually forget to bring it. I’ve shoved ‘em into my boat’s glove box and tossed ‘em in my truck’s cup holders without any scratches or compromise in clarity.

If you’re looking for a new pair of fishing sunglasses in preparation for the highly anticipated spring fishing season, I suggest taking a long look at the Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses. They’re awesome to wear, offer amazing clarity and stand up to a lot of abuse. They’re priced starting at $139.00 and I believe they’ll be a great investment for your 2014 fishing season.

The Vicious Vision Vengeance Polarized Sunglasses are available at Vicious-Fishing.com. Also, check our guide on buying fishing sunglasses.