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Three Cool Shades for Spring 2012


We get a lot of product to test and evaluate here at Wired2Fish. We’ve gotten several pairs of sunglasses over the last few months and three of those shades we thought we ought to show anglers because each is very different and each has its perks for consideration. Obviously price is a factor with any purchase, but sunglasses are an investment purchase more than a consumable purchase when it comes to your fishing tackle.

A quality pair of polarized sunglasses is a must for any avid angler, but most folks need sunglasses to be double duty. Yes they need to be comfortable and knock down the glare while on the water, but it would be great if they were good while driving early in the morning and late in the evening and you could do other things like mow the lawn and such.

Numa Optics Sparta

The first pair we really like is the Numa Optics Sparta glasses. Never mind that we have one of those “movies-for-guys-that-like-movies” admiration for the 300 movie, but these frames were a lot more than just a name. We got the frames with a good zipper pouch and the 3 pair lens set. With this set you get not only some grey tint polarized lenses but a set of clear lenses and mandarin rose lenses. Put the rose tint on in low light, cloudy rainy conditions, and the whole world lights up. We really liked that particular tint although it wasn’t polarized. That tint polarized would be epic we think for cloudy days.

But the frames are the real story with Numa. They are virtually indestructible. Broke your last pair by sitting on them? Not this pair. At worst, the lens will probably pop out. The owner of Numa did a lot of tactical operations in the military and always had the best toughest gear imaginable, but their sunglasses always got broken. No fun being in a desert without shades I’m sure.

So these shades are tough, rugged, functional and light. They weigh nothing, the lenses interchange easily in the Sparta Frames and you forget they are on your face. At $109, they are a great buy for a good durable pair of sunglasses with polycarbonate plastic lenses.

Browning M-Pact

The next pair of shades we really like right now are the new Browning T1081 M-Pact sunglasses. These shades are a bit more expensive until you consider these are glass lenses. Glass lenses always add to the expense on sunglasses but also give you the optimal viewing clarity. These new frames feature patented Carl Zeiss lenses. What is unique about these lenses are the unique polarization process and waterproofing processes.

The lenses will come in colors to suit every type of water and daylight conditions faced with when fishing. The lenses are offered in a dark gray, rose/amber and green outback colors. But they unique Zeiss lenses also feature a waterproofing agent that is cured during the forming of the lens. Rather than being a coating on the outside, it’s actually in the lens. Making the lenses completely water shedding forever. Zeiss is the only lens that does this and Browning is the exclusive licensee of the Zeiss lenses. We’ve tested the gray and rose/amber lenses and are extremely impressed with the visual clarity in both bright conditions and low light conditions.

The Zeiss-lensed Browning M-Pact frames will be available around the first of May with more frames coming in the line in the months to follow. These are some great looking frames at a great price for glass lenses.

Costa Double Haul

The final pair we tested recently was the Costa Double Haul frames. We tested both the Crystal frames and the tortoise shell frames. We really preferred the Tortoise shell lenses while on the water as the crystal frames seemed to let a bit more light in from the sides. But the stylish frames were nice for driving.

What guys will like about these frames is the maximum lens coverage for fishing. These lenses are huge and give you a huge field of polarized view on the water. We like that large view of our surroundings and the 580 Glass was optimally clear as always. And their patented vents, keep your frames from fogging on cold or humid mornings on the water.

The frames come in three colors, black, crystal, and tortoise and are available with either polycarbonate 580P lenses or their 400 or 580 glass lenses. They will retail from $169 to $249 depending on your lens choices with 580G lenses being the most expensive.

These are three cool pairs of shades to help you enjoy your time on the water.