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T-H Marine Lure Hangar KIT Tackle Review

T-H Marine Lure Hangar KIT Tackle Review

We all like fishing tackle. Keeping up with, however, not so much. I’ve got boxes and boxes of lures, every shape and size to hold every shape and size of lure. Yet after fishing for several days I still end up with piles of baits and lures strown all over the boat, in cup holders and cubbies and anywhere I can find to stick a lure that I cut off to tie on another one.

But I find it’s always the same baits that I’m reaching for or switching out. Be nice if I just had them at arm’s length all the time but not where I or someone else is going to step on them, put a hand on them or sit on them. So I picked the T-H Marine Lure Hangar KIT Tackle Management System. This system of magnetic lure holders fasten securely to the underside of any compartment lid or side wall and offer you a place to hang your baits when you’re done with them or keep them handy for when you need them quickly.


The magnets on the Lure Hangar KITs are stout. They will hold the hooks of a big plug under my main compartment lid bouncing around in rough water and big waves on Kentucky Lake. I’ve had a bait or two get knocked off, but I’m not for certain it wasn’t a big wave slinging a  box up and knocking the lure off.

I got smart with my Lure Hangar kits and put them facing each other up and down and I can take and hook a bait on the pre-drilled holes or to the underside on one magnet and then dangle it down and magnetically attach it to another tray. That keeps the baits from swinging around too much or dangling in my compartment.

The nice thing with the Tackle Management KITs is that you get several small racks that you can strategically place on the underside of lids. Or you can leave them on the big sheet of metal they come attach to and mount them all together on that and then move them around and reconfigure them on the fly.

I opted to use the heavy duty 3M double sided adhesive strips that came with the kits to mount my Lure Hangars. I was super impressed at how quick and easy they were to install and more so how many lures I can throw up under my lid in seconds and grab off and tie on while sitting on my deck retying.


It’s made it so easy to swap lures, try different patterns on the fly and even experiment a lot more.

I can see these being awesome additions to smaller boats too. You can mount them on the side walls or up under different parts of the boat and hang baits where they are easy to get to but out of the way while you’re moving around the boat driving and fishing.

It’s one of the best tackle managers in a boat that I’ve seen. I think it might even be cool to install some inside the bed of a truck. They will hold tools, hooks, lures, and more. You can buy the Tackle Titan Mini Lure Holder for as little as $9.99 or buy a whole kit of Lure Hangars for $59.99. Check them out at TackleWarehouse.com or THMarine.com.