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Power Team Lures Food Chain Tube Review

Power Team Lures Food Chain Tube Review

Here at Wired2Fish we love to fish tubes in the pre-spawn. They are great cast on light line, fished deep on drops and ledges, but springtime they really shine being flipped and pitched in staging areas. We have used them all and have found a bulky ribbed tube usually works best in the early spring. Bass like an easy meal as they head to the bank for the spawning ritual and a 4.5 inch tube mimics both crawfish and shad and sets up nice for that snack.

Power Team Lures recently introduced the Food Chain Tube in 3.5 and 4.5 inch models and it too fits the bill for close in combat. Whether fishing beds or heavy cover the Food Chain Tube is the perfect profile for winter weary bass.

We prefer the 4.5 model as a larger profile both provides the needed pressure waves and visible characteristics that big bass love. We flip this tube on either braid or fluorocarbon, depending on the cover and water color, and rig it on the spine of the bait  with the paddles on the sides. A 4/0 or 5/0 offset bend or punch hook is perfect for this big bait. The gap in the hook is very important and we like to skin hook the bait whenever possible to increase our hook-up ratios. The nose of the bait is dense enough that it doesn’t tear easily and can be used on multiple fish. The tentacles on this bait are active both in motion and sitting still and the side paddles allows the bait to glide and dart. The ribs on the tube help the bait to fall slower and more direct.

We typically use a single ball rattle inside the tube and also have been testing Hog Tonic with it.

The Food Chain tube comes in a variety of fish catching colors and comes 8 to a package. They retail for $5.49 and can be purchased by clicking here.

To learn more about other Power Team Products go to the Power Team Lures website.

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