Power Team Lures Texas Rig Jig

Every now and again we run into a soft plastic lure that catches our fancy. Sometimes it’s because it’s different. Other times it’s because of versatility. And still other times, it’s because of function. The Power Team Lures Texas Rig Jig is one of those baits, and it covers all of the aforementioned attributes, all in one bait.

Power Team Lures is a new company and is the brainchild of die-hard anglers Bob and Katie Bernotsky. Their company originated in New Jersey, not necessarily the hot bed to bass fishing, but just recently moved to Virginia. Born out of the concept that flipping and pitching is a go-to tactic but also originating out of Bob’s love of big bass Power Team Lures has built some killer shapes that flippers and pitcher will love. He felt that there were a bunch of plastic lures being built but none of them had the size or the action he was looking for. So he went to work

His first bait was the Texas Rig Jig. It’s a combination tube with plastic tentacles, a crawfish with wide, large pinchers, and creature bait all wrapped up into one. Its tapered profile makes it effective in wood, but it also serves well as a punch bait, and we can hardly wait to try it on bedding bass

This bait has action. The tentacles wave and the pinchers float when paused, and combined with a lead head, jig or fished Texas-rigged, this is one sweet bait. The size of the bait is perfect at 3.5 inches and we have fished it on a Buckeye Lures J-Will Head, Jewel Baits Squirrel head, trailing football head jigs and even removed the tentacles and fished it on a buzzbait. On the buzzbait it serves two purposes. It creates a larger profile but rigged horizontally it also gives the buzzbait lift and allows the bait to ride higher and quicker on long casts.

On a Jig

Where the Texas Rig Jig shines is as a jig trailer. The tentacles make the jig’s skirt fuller and the pincher action is more of a waving action that a flapping one. The pinchers blend to the body well and lateral raised lines on the pinchers catch water to give it more action. We have fished it on Denny Brauer’s Strike King Flipping Jig, the Jewel and Buckeye regular football heads but where it really shines is on the back of the Buckeye Football Mop and regular MOP jigs depending on the application. Deep water we use the football head and flipping we use the regular MOP jig. You talk about a big profile bait and one that attracts big bass. This is the ticket.

Texas Rigged

Designed to be fished Texas style this bait will not let you down. The two inch body length allows for a 4/0 hook and because it is thicker than other baits in the same genre it holds together well even after several fish. Texas style rigging is also good for both deep and shallow applications and because the pinchers float a lot of bites occur when the bait is still. The pinchers immediately go into a defensive posture when stopped. We have fished it both with the tentacles and without them depending on the speed of the bait movement. Stroking it, we remove the tentacles and for a slow drag along the bottom we leave them in place. It does have segments on the body but they are smooth and that allows the bait to be fished in heavy cover like brush piles and rocks effectively.

We recommend that you give the Texas Rig Jig a shot. If you are a flipper, you will love it. If you like to fish deep water, you will love it and if you love to fish the jig you have a new trailer.

Its obvious to us that Power Team Lures strives to create unique products that help anglers catch more fish. The Texas Rig Jig is definitely unique and definitely catches fish. It comes in two sizes, a 3.5 and a 4.5 inch, and retails for $5.99 or $6.49 a pack respectively.

To learn more about all of the Power Team Lures shapes, visit PowerTeamLures.com. To purchase their lures, visit  TackleWarehouse.com

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