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Mustang Survival Taku Rain Jacket and Bibs Review


Mustang Survival sent me the Taku Waterproof Bibs and Jacket to test for fishing a few months ago. Several key aspects make this one of the better rainsuits on the market right now. The three-layer MarineSpec material stays dry wildly wicking water off of you and away from you. The design showcases thoughtful cuts, tapers and pockets as well as the enclosures that make this rain gear extremely well sealed while still being very comfortable, flexible and breathable without adding bulk or annoying opportunities to catch your clothing on tackle and tools as you fish in unfavorable conditions.

Fishing in the rain and elements can often yield some of the most memorable catches in fishing, if you can find good gear to keep you warm and comfortable while facing those elements. The Taku Jacket features double sealed cuffs on the sleeves, heavy duty zippers and outer flaps to keep water out as well as overlapping pockets vented to let water escape. The hood has adjustable flexible lines as well as a molded rain hood that is cut so that your vision remains unblocked peripherally on the water. The insides of the jackets are sealed at the seams and material wicks water away. I could pop my jacket and water just shot off of me.

The Taku Rain Bibs feature a roomy cut for maximum movement without being bulky. They have reinforced knee sections, vented outer pockets, overlapped and sealed inner pockets, and zipper and flexible adjusting velcro closures around the ankles. And inside flap and heavy duty zipper and outer flap keep all of the water out of your bottoms. I was able to stand, sit, laydown, squat, and bend over with complete freedom and total comfort. I have had other rainsuits in the same size that were so tightly cut in the bibs that if you moved you felt like the pants were going to bust. These fit well and allow a ton of movement without any compromise.

My favorite features include the pockets and the flexible cuts on the jacket and the bibs. The pockets are well thought out inside and out and the comfort and ability to move around while I fish was a welcomed plus. Normally I hate fishing in rain gear because you’re always catching your rod on a pocket or flap and as you move around you feel like you’re being put in a sleeper hold. That just simply wasn’t the case with the Taku rain gear. The flexibility and cuts on the Jacket and Bibs was very well thoughtout, obviously from extensive work over the years with the military and guys that are needing to move fast and be agile in life or death situations in less than ideal environments. That translates well to a very sophisticated rainsuit for anglers.

The Mustang Survival Taku Jacket and Bibs feature top-of-the-line scientific materials coupled with sophisticated engineering from an experience born out of military necessity to offer you high end performance from rain gear that is made to last a lifetime. You can find the Taku Jacket on sale right now at MustangSurvival.com. Likewise the Taku Bibs can also be found on sale here at MustangSurvival.com. Check out some additional images of my raingear to get a better feel for the fit and function of this suit.

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Bibs and Jacket Layouts

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Double adjustable cuffs on jacket

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Molded rain visor and adjustable hood

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Hand drying and warming pockets

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Solid seamed for maximum water protection

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Heavy duty sealed zippers plus flap protection

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Water venting pockets on bibs

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Adjustable heavy duty leg cuffs

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Reinforced knee sections for heavy use

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Comfortable and flexible for big dudes like me

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Comfortable and all day long dry wear