Megabass Pony Gabot Review

Frog fishing. It’s an addictive method for catching bass. The market is now flooded with all sorts of frogs in a rainbow colors and tons of different styles and actions. But because we’re so addicted to the strikes and the fight in heavy cover, we are always wanting to play with new frogs.

Megabass gave me a new for 2014 Pony Gabot frog to fish and test while we were out at ICAST.

I couldn’t wait to get it out and test it. But I had a few weeks to study the frog before I ever got to the water with it and there are some really interesting features that make it very effective

To me these features stood out as impressive and thoughtful:

  • Small profile that casts well
  • Cupped mouth that chugs and keels
  • Walking action
  • Skirted legs protrude from center
  • Hole on back for water release on sealed frogs
  • Balance of frog
  • Ring for adding spinner blade


Mouth design more than popper

The design of the mouth took two years to perfect because they wanted a frog that would not only spit water, but also slap like a standard frog, walk like a topwater stick bait, and stay balanced and upright when a bass exploded on it. The “catamaran design” not only collects and forces water forward, it also sends water angled down the sides to keep the frog up right and balanced as you work it.


It’s all in the pony tails

The frog gets its name from the two pony tail like tails coming out of the rear center of the body. This design allows the frog to walk back and forth, almost staying in place as it moves side to side. You can really keep the frog in a small strike zone but moving a lot and causing an enticing commotion. It looks good sitting at rest as the legs fan themselves out when you stop the frog.

Water relief

The frog will let water escape out of the bottom hook hole but some guys that like to keep the water out will seal the bottom hook hole to make it harder to get water in. You have to have the bait collapse which it can’t do as well without a hole somewhere. So they started a hole on the back of the frog for the tweakers. It’s not open out of the package. But if you like to seal the bottom of your frog, you can poke a hook or needle through the marked spot and then have a place for air and water to escape when the frog collapses.


Bling out your frog

The Pony Gabot has a hanger on the bottom of it that allows you to add a swivel and small spinner for added flash and attraction to the frog. I didn’t test that but I can see where having a little flash could be very handy especially in the fall when bass are keyed on shad and baitfish.

Body to hook up with

The frog body is soft and collapses well. But it seemed very durable in my tests. After catching more than a dozen frogs on it to 5 pounds, It had one small mark on its back and no visible cracking or tears. You want a frog that has a soft material so it will collapse easy exposing the hooks for good hookups. But you don’t want it to tear so easy you have to throw the frog away after 5 bass either. The Pony Gabot and two years of development seemed to have found that happy medium.


Great color selection

I’ve always been of the opinion you need a black, white, yellow, natural or green frog. Those range of colors cover just about every situation. Bluegill colored frogs and shad colored frogs have grown in popularity but the Pony Gabot comes in the right colors for just about every situation. We tested the Akame Amagaeru color which has a white bottom, yellow side and lime green top and legs. It has worked in both very stained water and very clear water alike. currently has 6 of the colors in stock. I recommend Akame Amagaeru and Chart. Head Frog for dirty water and Tonosama, Albino and Hikigaeru for cleaner water.

The frogs retail for $15.99. That’s a bit steep for a frog I will admit but I feel like with a lot of options in presentation, you can go with one frog instead of two and get the same action as two different frogs just by how you work your rod and retrieve.

To see the frog colors and order a few to try, visit or other retailers that carry Megabass lures.


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