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Megabass Destroyer Evoluzion Mephisto Review

Megabass Destroyer Evoluzion Mephisto Review

Megabass recently gave me the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini of rods. It’s called a Destroyer Evoluzion Mephisto C-40, and it is without a doubt one of the finest fishing rods built on the planet. Yuki Ito of Megabass, dove into building this rod with a no holds barred approach both from a design and materials perspective and combining Titanium Blanks with high modulus graphite that increases sensitivity but also allows for power to winch even the biggest bass from the heaviest cover was his goal. A decrease in resin during the build keeps the rod lightweight too.

Utilizing premium Torzite minimum guides also lightens this rod by 35 percent.

The reel seat of this rod was designed by Ito as well and is called a Clawgrasp. It not only provides a classy looking ergonomic base for the handle but also an improved sensitivity from the rod blank and tip to your hands. Throwing this rod on the boat deck at tournaments gets oohs and aahs from other tournament anglers and they have to touch it. The unique design and feel draws them.


The balance of the rod was the first thing I noticed. It was easy to see it was very light but adding a reel made it feel like it was one piece. This rod has swagger as the actions are precise and the cosmetics are accented in red and gold. The wrapping for the guides are smooth and perfect and transition to the blank, a characteristic not always seen in other rods.

The butt of the rod is balance contoured to be more ergonomic and the split grip lightens the weight but also makes it easy to fish with the entire day. On most rods, I catch myself wanting to tighten the reel seat a bit during the day especially after a bumpy boat ride while it’s been on the deck or after fishing with it a period of time, but I found that was not necessary with the Evoluzion Mephisto.


I have used this rod for pitching mainly, but I also found it casts well too. The torque provided by rod is perfect for wrenching big fish from grass and wood. The 7-foot, 2-inch magic wand is also reliable for large swimbaits too. It is a heavy-action rod but loads perfectly with both drop baits and swimmers.

Will you catch more fish because of this rod? Probably not. Will the fish be bigger? Probably not. Will you feel every rock, pebble, stick and fish? You bet and you will also not get fatigued after a day of fishing either.

Most anglers cannot afford the Megabass Evoluzion Mephisto at a price of $669.99. I have fished for nearly 50 years and can honestly say I have never had a fishing rod in my hands like it. Although owning the best, the biggest or the shiniest has never been part of my make-up, it sure was nice to see that creativity, engineering, components and materials allow for one to be made.

Most of my buddies truly believe I am tighter than the bark on a tree. For instance, my favorite stores are Dollar General and Dollar Tree. My wife even gives me grief for being a tightwad but one thing is for sure she knows I will never own a Lamborghini. I would, however, love to drive one.

I piddle around in the Wired2Fish ManCave always looking for better, faster and more precise. I am a simple angler who gets to see all of the best tackle the fishing industry has to offer and then pick and choose where I spend my money on gear. Knowing it’s available and why it’s better, allows for comparison and is just part of the equation for choosing what is truly best for the individual buying.

I dig cool stuff and so do a lot of other anglers, and the Megabass Mephisto C40 is as cool as it gets. Jump in and take it for a test drive if you get the chance. You too will be glad you did.

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Check out this video of Yuki Ito with the Evoluzion series of Megabass rods.