Maui Jim Surf Rider Sunglasses

It’s not too difficult to spot a bass fisherman in public. Aside from the probable flip flops, fishing shirt and lightweight shorts, there’s one trait that makes us stick out from the rest of society like a sore thumb—raccoon eyes. We sport these tacky tan lines with the utmost pride which only a fellow angler can understand. We spend our free time not in the comfort of the indoors, but in the brutal elements of the great outdoors chasing little green fish for hours on end. And guess what? We’re pretty darn proud of it.

The importance of a good pair of shades cannot be overlooked by avid anglers. While our eyewear does, in fact, shield our eyes from the sun’s punishing rays, they also provide us with safety and comfort. We recently had the opportunity to test some new Maui Jim Surf Rider sunglasses, and have found them to embody everything anglers look for in a pair of fishing sunglasses.

When you pick up a pair of cheap sunglasses, you can tell within seconds—they creak when you open the arms, pop when you put them on your head and ride up and down on your nose when you raise your eyebrows. They wouldn’t stand a chance holding up under the everyday abuse of a bass angler. The quality of Maui Jim Surf Riders makes itself evident immediately, however. As you first remove the sunglasses from their hard, protective case, you’re going to notice how sturdy they are. Made from high-grade injected nylon, the Surf Riders are lightweight while also maintaining the durability that is required for spending countless hours on the water.


The couple of the Wired2Fish staff members have some pretty big heads (but shall remain nameless), and the Surf Riders fit perfectly. Maui Jim has added a really cool feature to these glasses by using an anti-corrosive spring hinge. When opened, they unfold to a “default” position but also bend outwards when sliding them onto your face. The result is an outstanding fit that makes the Surf Riders seem to jump onto your face and stay in place. While many sunglasses tend to fit too tightly causing unbearable headaches, the Surf Riders conform to your head shape to ensure maximum comfort. If you’re a boat owner, you’ve more than likely lost a few pairs of shades to the bottom of the lake while running to a fishing hole, but you won’t have to worry about that with the Surf Riders. Even at high speeds, they won’t flop around your face.

The anti-corrosive properties of the Surf Riders also make them outstanding all-purpose sunglasses. I’ve had a few pairs of glasses that have gotten rusty and tough to open, but Maui Jim has taken big steps to eliminate that problem. If you like to get away from bass fishing occasionally to chase saltwater fish, you won’t have to worry about the salty air or water ruining them. Whether you’re driving, fishing or swimming in the summertime, the Surf Riders will hold up well.

Surf Riders, like every other Maui Jim model, feature PolarizedPlus2 technology which eliminates 99.9% of glare, making them great for site fishing. If you’re a big shallow angler, you’ll notice a huge boost in color, contrast and clarity. No more squinting throughout your fishing day– at the end of a long fishing day, your eyes will feel like a million bucks.

The Maui Jim Surf Riders retail for $219.00, but just like many things in this sport, sometimes paying a little more can make a big difference between a good product and a great product.

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