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Koppers LIVETARGET Crappie Lipless Rattlebait

Koppers LIVETARGET Crappie Lipless Rattlebait

A few weeks ago, Koppers sent me a couple of the new LIVETARGET Crappie Lipless Rattlebaits. Lipless crankbaits are a staple of bass fishing. But these tools like any other in your tackle box require variety. Some days the bass react to a high pitch rattle. Some days they react to a low one-knocker sound. Some days they want it slow rolled and some days they want it ripped. Some days they want a small bait or a slow fall. The point is you need more than one color, size, or brand to fit the conditions you’ll face as an angler.

The new Koppers LIVETARGET Crappie Lipless Rattlebaits offer variety that will appeal to a lot of bass anglers fishing from the shore or boat alike. Some of the attributes that we think differentiate this lipless crankbait from others include:

  • Finish
  • Castability
  • Profile
  • Action
  • Durability

Finish is more than eye catching

Out of the package the first thing that caught my eye was the matte finishes on them. The Yellow Matte and Natural Matte look great. I think that natural matte makes them appeal both in stained water and especially in clear water. The finish is incredibly durable as well. I wormed these baits around on rock banks, digging their nose in the rocks without chipping or cracking.

Profile lends to casting and action

The profile of the bait lends itself to wider vibration as it’s wider than most lipless baits on the market through the middle. It has a more blunt profile than many other lipless crankbaits, but it fishes nicely. Even better than that it casts a mile. Seriously it’s scary how far I could cast the 2 3/4-inch bait. It’s 5/8-ounce but it’s short but wider profile allows it to cast like a cannonball.

Fishing wise, I like that it’s a heavy caster but it fishes more like a lighter bait. It doesn’t sink like a rock, even at 5/8 ounce. It has a subtle shimmy with a slower than expected fall. I think that will make it ideal for fishing over and through submerged grass. I was able to worm it slowly along rock banks and catch a bunch of bass on it already with a slow pull and drag. It vibrates on a steady pull or slow retrieve which is nice for fishing in colder water.

Bad casts won’t bust it

I’ve had a few on-purpose-accidental casts onto the rocks with it. I don’t advise that but I’m happy to report the bait survived a few blunt encounters with hard objects without cracking or chipping. Durability is a big deal when you pay a little more for a lipless bait.

We’re going to be throwing these baits a lot more over the next several months but so far we’ve been pleased with the performance of the Koppers LIVETARGET Crappie Lipless Rattlebaits. They come in three colors with the two matte finishes we tested and a third metallic gloss finish for a little more flash in dingier waters.

These baits were made for clear water but have fished well in stained to muddy water over the course of the last several weeks. There are two sizes at 7/16 and 5/8 ounces to fit a lot of situations. They will probably excel on some clearer water fisheries that have a lot of small panfish as forage for aggressive bass.

You can find the new lipless crankbaits here at Tacklewarehouse.com and several other retailers around the country.


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