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Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Glove

Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Glove

Cold hands are one of a bass angler’s worst nightmares. With all the intricate things we need our hands to do such as knot tying, hook changing and casting, we can’t afford to be fumbling around with numb hands. Not only does it waste time, but it flat out hurts.

I’ve been trying different fishing gloves for the past several years and I haven’t been happy with any of them. As a result, my pockets usually stay stuffed with hand warmers and they can only help so much. Recently, however, I’ve gotten the chance to try the Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Glove and I’ve been super impressed. I used them for the first time at the 2014 Classic and they’ve been a staple for me in each fishing trip since then.

Say goodbye to the bulk

My biggest complaint about most fishing gloves is the ridiculous amount of bulk they have. Even if they have snap-back fingertip sections, it’s nearly impossible for me to fish while wearing them. They’re usually just a quick recipe for a nasty backlash.

I’ve been really happy with how streamlined and slim the Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Gloves have been. I can wear them while casting and tinkering with tackle without any loss of dexterity in my hands whatsoever. Throughout my travels across the country photographing professional anglers, I’ve always wanted a glove that made it easy to adjust the dials and settings on my camera and thankfully, these gloves allow me to do that. Our camera gear isn’t cheap and these gloves allow me to make small adjustments without worry of dropping an expensive piece of equipment in the lake.

They keep you warm

The Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Gloves have kept my hands very warm in cold conditions. Even after a long, chilly run across the lake, my hands feel outstanding when I make my first cast of the day. I don’t have to wait for them to warm up or shake hand warmers between my hands for several minutes—I shut the big motor down, drop the trolling motor and start fishing.

I’ve also noticed that these gloves are very wind resistant, which is a huge selling point for me. This time of year, cold temperatures are often made worse by strong winds but these gloves have protected my hands excellently. I’ve yet to be able to feel the wind on my hands which has also resulted in less windburn and helped with my dry, cracked hands. It might look tough to have jacked up hands, but when you add a couple of deep line cuts and raw palms to the mix, it’s not too pleasant.

Dry quickly


Fishing gloves can quickly lose their effectiveness when they get wet. After handling your first fish of the day, you better have a spare set of gloves on the boat or you’re in for a miserable fishing day.

These gloves seem to dry very quickly after handling fish. I don’t use a net very much when fishing, so my hands stay wet from belly landing fish. As long as you don’t take these gloves off and stuff them in your pocket, they dry quickly and efficiently. In just about five minutes, you’ll never be able to tell they were wet.

They don’t stink

If you handle fish wearing ordinary gloves, you can bet they’ll smell like a fish market by the end of the day. Although most anglers like the smell of fish on their hands, I dare you to leave ’em stuffed in your boat for a few days—the smell will knock you in the dirt.

I’ve handled hundreds of fish with these gloves so far and they don’t smell like death. They smell a little bit like fish, but it’s not that nasty mildew smell. I haven’t washed them, either. After a day of fishing I just put them in my bib pockets until the next trip. I hate doing laundry, so anytime I can avoid repeatedly washing gloves is much appreciated.



The Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Glove features 50+ UPF sun protection which is awesome for folks who spend a lot of time outside. Skin cancer isn’t a joke. It can wreck your world in a New York minute so it’s important to protect yourself by any means possible. I’ve put a lot of hours into these gloves so far and I haven’t had any sunburn on my hands.

I’ve talked a lot about how warm these gloves are, but they’re also very lightweight and cool when fishing in warmer temperatures. I’ve worn them in 20-degree weather and 80-degree weather so far and have been very comfortable at both ends of the spectrum. They won’t make your hands sweat and they’re very thin, which makes me not even notice I’m wearing them.

Very durable

Landing and lipping fish, tying knots and changing hooks wear most gloves out in a hurry. Bass don’t have sharp teeth but they’re like sandpaper and will pull and pluck threads from ordinary gloves very quickly.

Since using these gloves, I have noticed any thread pulls or damage to these gloves. They have held up very well and show absolutely zero signs of premature wear.

If you’re tired of battling cold hands, I suggest checking out a pair of Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Gloves. They’ll keep you warm, protect you from the sun and you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

The Glacier Glove Stripping/Fighting Glove is priced at $29.99 and available at GlacierGlove.com.