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Frabill Rainsuit Review

Frabill Rainsuit Review

Bass anglers are a special breed—nothing stops us. Whether it’s wind, rain, sleet or snow, we don’t let much get in the way of our passion. With that being said, a quality rain suit is something that every avid angler needs to have.

We were provided with a Frabill Rainsuit for review and I have been extremely impressed with it. 6 features make it the best rain suit I have ever worn.

•    Keeps you totally dry

•    Doesn’t ride up

•    Lightweight

•    Padded knees

•    Easy adjusting bib straps

•    Durable and easy to clean

You’ll stay dry for the entire day

I’ve had a lot of rain suits that have kept me dry at the beginning of the day only to lose their effectiveness once they become soaked with rain. Fortunately, the Frabill Rainsuit keeps you dry all day long.

The sleeve cuffs of the Frabill Rainsuit Jacket are adjustable and feature internal elastic. This is very helpful on the water as it keeps moisture from getting underneath the jacket and running down your shirt sleeves. As we all know, all it takes is a slow, steady leak to eventually soak your entire wardrobe underneath.

I’ve used this rain suit in dozens of absolute downpours and have not had the first drop of water reach my clothes. Even when you’re running down the lake to your next tournament hole, you’ll stay totally dry without question.

Doesn’t ride up

I’m a long, lanky dude and the Frabill Rainsuit doesn’t ride up on me while I’m fishing. It doesn’t matter if I’m squatting down to strap the boat onto the trailer or chunking a big lipless crankbait in the rain—the sleeve cuffs stay at my wrists and my torso and legs have plenty of room to move.

The roomy cut of the Frabill Rainsuit also stops your base layers from riding up and getting twisted as you fish. Your clothing will remain in place while giving you enough a lot of comfort throughout the day. This suit lets me worry more about the fish and less about the rain. You’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it.

Keeps you cool on muggy, hot days

Throughout my testing, I’ve found the Frabill Rainsuit ideal for temperatures in the 45 to 95-degree range. Its mesh lining aids in breathability so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a thick, steamy trash bag on muggy spring days.

This rain suit will certainly work in temperatures colder than 40 degrees, but I don’t suggest relying solely on the jacket for warmth. Its spacious cut allows you to wear multiple layers underneath to add warmth without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.

Even when it’s not raining, I’ve been wearing just the jacket on cool mornings and evenings while running across the lake. It keeps the wind off me without smothering me and making me sweat.

Gives your knees a break

I don’t know what it is about other rain suits, but a lot of times when you kneel down to re-rig in your boat, your jeans end up getting soaked. The Frabill Rainsuit Bib Pants feature 6 millimeter knee pads that keep your jeans dry and your knees feeling good. If you’re dealing with a cold rain, you can kneel down on your boat carpet without getting cold.

Adjustable bib straps ensure a snug fit

The Frabill Rainsuit Bib Pants have easy-to-adjust bib straps with cam buckles that allow you to quickly adjust the fit of the bibs according to the thickness of your base layers. If it’s a chilly day and I have a lot of layers on, I loosen the straps to make a little more room. On hot, rainy days, I’ll tighten them up to achieve a more cozy fit.

I also like the fact that the straps are elastic. It gives me a wider range of motion without the legs or the crotch going where they’re not supposed to go.

Doesn’t require much upkeep

When my Frabill Rainsuit gets wet, I simply hang it on my porch and it’s dry by the next morning. On multi-day tournaments, you won’t have to worry about sliding into a wet rainsuit on the final day.

I keep this rain suit wadded up in one of my back boat compartments and, even when stored wet, it doesn’t mildew or smell gross. I wash it after every third use and my method is quite simple— I throw it in the washing machine with cold water and a capful of detergent and press the button. When it’s time to dry it, I just put it in the dryer for about 25 or 30 minutes and I’m good to go.

I absolutely recommend the Frabill Rainsuit. Both the bibs and the jacket are priced at $119.99, so the whole suit will cost you about $240. Don’t let the price tag scare you away, though. It will last you a long time and keep you dry as a bone.

The Frabill Rainsuit is available at TackleWarehouse.com.


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