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Plano A-Series Pro Tackle Bag

Plano A-Series Pro Tackle Bag

Tackle storage can be a nightmare for a lot of folks; especially for bank anglers and co-anglers looking for some sort of mobility. It’s downright tough to consolidate all of your favorite tackle enough to transfer it between boats and pond fishing trips. 

I’ve had an opportunity to test the Plano A-Series Pro Tackle Bag for the last month or so. I’ve thrown it into the bed of my truck and toted it to many different ponds throughout my testing and it has served me quite well. 

Below are my thoughts on its design and function. 

The rundown


The Plano A-Series 3700 Pro Tackle Bag is a heavy-duty bag that features a molded storage tray on top. This design is meant for quick and easy access to your must-have gear such as extra hooks, weights, fishing license and cell phone. 

Pocket-wise, this tackle bag has four zippered exterior pockets; two in the front and two on the sides. The front pockets are ideal for larger items such as extra bulk spools of line, water bottles and snacks while the two side pockets are great for smaller spools of leader line, hook and weight packages and even your wallet. 

You’ll notice a large mesh pocket on the back of the A-Series Pro Tackle Bag that runs the length of the entire bag. I like to use this pocket for soft plastic packages because I’m able to identify them quickly, get what I need and get back to fishing. 


If you don’t like to keep pliers hooked to your belt while fishing, this bag also has a quick-access slot on each side that keepts both pliers and cutters within reach. 

I think a lot of anglers will appreciate that four 3700 Plano boxes come with each bag which certainly helps justify the $74.99 price point. The trays are sturdy and adjustable, which gives you the ability to store more than enough hard lures and terminal tackle. 

My thoughts


I’ve used the Plano A-Series 3700 Pro Tackle Bag as my “grab-and-go” pond-fishing bag throughout the entirety of my testing. I’ve stocked it with my favorite lures, soft plastics, terminal tackle and tools to make sneaking out for a quick hour of fishing that much easier. It has lived in the backseat of my truck, so when I’m near a good pond, I can stop off and make a few casts.

Perhaps my favorite feature of this bag—other than the included tackle trays—is its waterproof bottom. Fishing tackle costs a bunch of money and extended moisture is its worst enemy. I’ve been able to tote this bag around while walking the banks and set it down wherever I decide to fish without worry of moisture seeping into the bag. 

This bottom section is also easy to rinse off and keep clean. If I get mud on it while fishing, I’ll actually dip the bottom into the pond before leaving. This helps me keep the interior of my truck clean. 


I’ve actually used the top molded storage tray much more than I anticipated. I keep my 3/0 and 4/0 worm hooks in there along with a few light tungsten weights. I’ll put my cell phone in the larger non-divided side so I can quickly grab it to shoot photos of my catch. This compartment stays shut very well and has kept my gear organized and accessible. 

The exterior pockets are surprisingly deep, which makes soft plastic storage simple. All fishermen—myself included—are the same way; we bring too much. But that hasn’t been a big problem with this bag because I can stuff a pile of soft plastic packages in it with no problems. 


I tested the zippers a lot because it’s a pain in the rear end when a zipper breaks on your favorite tackle bag. They have convenient pulls on them that show no signs of premature wear and the zipper itself stays on the tracks, even when pulled hard. 

Final impressions

This is a really good option for bank anglers and co-anglers alike. It fits in the floor space of most bass boats and allows you to jump from boat-to-boat without hours of transferring loose gear. 

The Plano A-Series 3700 Pro Tackle Bag is available at TackleWarehouse.com