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Dyna-Tek Rod, Reel and Line Coat Review

Dyna-Tek Rod, Reel and Line Coat Review

We see a lot of products every year at Wired2fish. It takes a lot of effort to weed through sales pitches and figure out what products we think will help anglers. While we focus a lot on fishing lures and the tools used to fish those effectively, we sometimes stumble across products we think will help anglers enjoy their time on the water that don’t really have anything to do with actually catching a fish. I believe that to be true with a product called Dyna-Tek Rod and Reel Performance coat.

To be honest I am not an early adopter of the “gee whiz”, new and innovative. It takes me a while, and although I do listen to those associated with those brands most of the time, I have to use it myself before believing the usefulness of a product. Too many times of being disappointed by “revolutionary” new products only to find them to be less than desired.


Ryan McIntosh of Batson Enterprises had been telling me for months about this new product they use for about everything at their rod manufacturing facility. It’s called Dyna-Tek. He told me it would increase casting distance, allow for line to last longer due to reduced friction and keep rods and reels looking like new. I had to try it.

The premise is you are basically clear coating and sealing the guides with a super slick surface almost like waxing the guides to make them frictionless. They also won’t allow water to adhere or absorb which keeps the line flowing easily through each guide without micro abrasion or reduction of coating on lines



Always the skeptic while still looking for a better mousetrap, I have been totally impressed with this product.

It comes in packages like those towelettes you get at KFC to clean up with and one swab will service multiple rods and guides. It is a clear coat that applies easily and lasts for months.

I tested it on a pitching rod that I use frequently and cannot believe the distance I gained and how it allowed the line to flow through the guides. Because it flows so easily it eliminated most of the line slap and believe it is also going to allow my line to last longer. With fluorocarbon, the Reel and Line Conditioner applies easily and works well on the level wind and exterior of the reel to give each a ceramic and new-look finish.

Each towelette says it can coat 2 rods and reels, but I coated several rods and reels and they seemed to work well. The cloth goes a long way on rod guides. I chose to do them quickly and buff after all were coated to save the conditioner. Placing the swab back in the package allows more conditioner to be picked up and keep it moist. Once placed on the rod or reel it dries to a light haze and is quickly buffed off to give the rod guides a like new appearance.



I first noticed that the Rod Glove slipped on a little more easily.

I have realized 10 to 15 yards more distance on the rods with the Dyna-Tek applied. Ice anglers and early season tournament anglers will love it as it helps with that annoying icing on the guides and line winders because it reduces the water pick up of line so there is less to turn into ice coming through the guides and into the reel.

You can also use this product on cell phones, instrumentation on boats, and sunglasses to prevent water spots and allow for easy clean up.

The rod and reel kit runs $16.95 and includes a rod and guide coat, reel and line coat, ceramic maintenance treatment and alcohol cleaner swab. You can learn more about this product plus their cleaner and ceramic product by going to Dyna-Tek.com or BatsonEnterprises.com.