Costa Cheeca Sunglasses Review

We all look better in the right pair of sunglasses. As a kid we used to put on a mask or cover our eyes to give ourselves a boost of super-hero self confidence. It seems it’s still that way as adults. We throw on a pair of hip sunglasses and hop in our trucks or boats and head out with just a bit more bounce in our step.

But as an avid angler, sunglasses have to be functional; looking good is just a bonus. That’s definitely what Costa had in mind when the developed the Cheeca frames this year. These frames feature a large coverage area for the eyes but also maintain a nice taper down the arms, which results in a very comfortable, good looking, and functional pair of sunglasses for the savvy angler.

Costa sent us the Cheeca’s in Tortoise frames with their patented 580 lenses. The shades look good but we wanted the focus of this review to be for ladies as well as men. So we tested the frames and then let Becky Sealock test and wear the shades for the last two months to get a female perspective on sunglasses, as we know men and women have very different tastes in shades.

“They’re so comfortable that I forget that I’m wearing them,” Sealock said. “The frames are large and keep the sun blocked from all angles, but they don’t  feel too big on my face. I like that. The arms are still really sturdy at the hinge which is usually the first thing that wears out on my other sunglasses.”


We tested the frames on the lake, driving and working outside. They don’t slip when the hot sun causes your face to sweat and they don’t pinch above the ears, which usually makes sunglasses uncomfortable at times. We’ve worn them for as much as 10 hours at a time without issue.

Part of the new technology in these frames is a new anti-rocking hinge, that Costa states is the most advanced spring hinge available in sunglasses. It keeps the arms tight and the sunglasses feeling like new. Their 580 lenses cut down yellow light, from which most of the harmful glare comes, and enhance red, blue and green waves to give you much better color and visual acuity.

The Cheeca frames also give back. For each pair purchased, part of the proceeds are donated to Bonefish Tarpon Trust’s Project Permit, an initiative to tag and study permit in Florida and Caribbean.

Sunglasses are an investment. An investment in your eyes and in your comfort while on the water or on the road. I still have the first pair of Costas I ever owned, going on 7 years now. They ride in the boat in their hardshell case with a Costa microfiber cloth and still function well for a pair of shades that have been around the block and been subjected to every type of weather and abuse an angler can throw at them – salt, wind, rain, snow, sleet, freezing temperatures, blazing 100-degree-plus temperatures, being dropped, bumped, banged, and vibrated in a bass boat going 70 mph.

The frames have a lifetime warranty against defect, and for $9.95 you can have your glasses sent back, a defect repaired and your glasses back to you as good as new.

The new Cheecas combine form and function for a pleasant experience in eye protection and comfort for both men or women. The frames start at $149 and go all the way up to $249 depending on the lenses you choose.

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