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Bluewater LED Cyberlite Review

Bluewater LED Cyberlite Review

If you’re like me and like to fish until the very last minute of the day, you probably have to load your boat in the dark a lot. I’ve been doing it for years and consider myself pretty good at it, but I still have problems at times.

Luckily, I’ve run across the Bluewater LED Cyberlite. I’m a little old school, so I don’t really “bling” out my trailers, but these lights are super functional and well-priced.

Very durable

The Bluewater LED Cyberlite is small and compact, but that doesn’t mean it’s wimpy. This thing is tough as nails.

The light is enclosed in aluminized housing and it doesn’t matter what you put it through—it’s not going to break. Whether you accidentally bump your boat trailer while hooking up in the morning or you totally submerge it in the water, it will still operate flawlessly. Trust me, I’ve done it.

The mounting hardware that comes with the Cyberlite is made entirely of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about any type of corrosion. My unit still looks brand new after a lot of abuse.

Simple install

I decided to mount the Cyberlite on the backside of my truck’s hitch receiver. I figured it would not only help me load but the boat, but also back the trailer at night.


I simply drilled 2 holes in the receiver, hooked it up to the battery and it was done. It also comes with a water resistant switch that I quickly mounted on the rear bumper. I wanted the option to turn the light on and off manually, so the switch has come in handy. As long as the light isn’t wired to your backup lights, you’re good to go!

Much better than backup lights

I’ve been known to accidentally load my boat on other anglers’ trailers after night tournaments. It is so dark on our ramps I can barely tell what my own boat trailer looks like coming down the ramp, so I definitely need some help with light loading the boat.

The backup lights on your tow vehicle shed a little bit of light when you’re loading your boat, but not much, to be honest. That’s mainly because most of the light is diffused.


Fortunately, the Cyberlite emits both direct and diffused lighting. I can clearly see my bump boards from far away and also see more intricate things such as my winch strap. When you get close to the light to hook the boat, you won’t get totally blinded, either.

Easy to adjust

Everybody’s eyes react different to light—what may work for me, might totally blind you. That’s why it’s so important to have adjustable lights when loading your boat.

The Cyberlite takes just a few seconds to adjust. The first time you use it, I suggest having a buddy go with you to make it a bit easier to get it “just right”. If you tend to fish alone, it will only take you a few trips to get the light exactly how you like it.

Uses very little power


If you’ve fished throughout your life, you’ve probably had to deal with a lot of dead batteries—it’s just one of the “joys” of what we do. I’ve been extremely impressed by how little battery power the Bluewater LED Cyberlite uses.

I’ve accidentally left it on for hours at a time without any negative effects on my battery. That can save a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re a dark-to-dark angler, I would consider the Bluewater LED Cyberlite a “must-have” for your tow vehicle after using it for quite some time. The unit retails for $124.95 but is actually on sale right now at BluewaterLED.com for $100. Check it out!

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