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Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The Bass Mafia Ice Boxes offer heavy duty storage, that’s easily identifiable at a glance that will protect the most cumbersome and important tackle in your fishing inventory. With several different size options, extremely customizable options, solid tight designs throughout, with a weatherproof box that won’t crush or break no matter what you do to it. Here’s some of the features of these new Ice Boxes.

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The Ice Box for Heavy Weights

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The Bass Mafia Ice Box 3700 Casket is made of the same think material that the original Bass Mafia Coffins were made of except now there is a clear material so you can see into the boxes without opening them. The 3700 Casket comes with 44 dividers that create 48 small openings. Then you can reconfigure the box anyway you see fit to hold all your gear.

I actually prefer these Ice Boxes for storing my heaviest gear, namely tungsten weights, jigs, jigheads and other items that when stored in bulk can over power weaker boxes and break dividers, latches and spill out when dropped. But not with this Ice Box. 

I’ve been using this Ice Box 3700 Casket as my main swimbait head box.

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Small packages, big storage

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The Ice Box 3600 is a bit smaller and equally as configurable, tough and useful as the 3700 Casket. I have been using this 3600 as my main Terminal Tackle box since this summer.  It’s a relatively small box but holds a ton of components. For its size, it’s one of the heaviest boxes in my Phoenix. 

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Extremely Customizable

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

You can have small slots for varying sizes of clips, clasps, o-rings, weights and other small components while then removing a few dividers to create larger slots for hooks, nail weights and items you may have a lot more of. That endless customization is what I like most on these boxes. They come with every divider you need and they can make real small spaces or very larger spaces as needed.

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Best latches

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

I have always loved the latches on the Bass Mafia Coffins and Caskets. The are easy open and easy close, hold extremely well and don’t “pop off” and break like a lot of other latches I’ve seen.

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Easy operation with no faults

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The latches snug the lid down into the weather seal to keep moisture out of the boxes. Keep in mind if you open them in the rain or say on a kayak where you have water splashing into your lap, you will also trap the water in the box. So be sure to dump it and dry it when you get back if using in wet conditions.

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heavy duty hinges

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

Another feature that makes these Ice Boxes so good is the heavy duty lid that is held in place by the heavy duty latches. Again they are not plastic hinges that are susceptible to warping and bending. They are rugged and solid metal pins for a great sealed box. 

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Great Weatherproofing

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The all one piece weather strip in these boxes seals nicely and keeps the lid snugly in place when latched. This is also why small components won’t jump from one slot to another because the lid won’t warp or bend under weight and the seal keeps it snuggly closed.

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Tons of storage that won’t warp or damage in transit

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

I have been using the Bass Mafia Ice Boxes to hold some of my heaviest tackle and the tackle that is often the hardest on tackle boxes. These are heavy duty boxes that hold heavy duty tackle. So if you are looking for a solid box that won’t let stuff slip from one compartment to the other, won’t warp or fold under the weight and won’t run the risk of breaking on rough rides or being stepped on in the boat, these are your boxes.

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Options and durability

Bass Mafia Ice Boxes Review

The Ice Box 1800, 3600 and 3700 are available now at several retailers starting at $14.99.

Find the Bass Mafia Ice Box Caskets at the following retailers:

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