Bass Mafia Bait Coffin Review

I’m a tackle connoisseur . Some folks would call me a tackle junkie, but that doesn’t depict my nature accurately. A tackle junkie has the connotation of having piles of rusted, dirty needle-point hooks on matted messes of faded crankbaits and melted skirted jigs with plastics molded together in a heaping pile in a dark garage.  I on the other hand label, box, hang and organize my tackle much like those crazy redesign designer shows on HGTV.  I’ve got bulks of plastics organized on shelves by brand, style and even color.

I have my most used products and hard baits hanging on pegs above my work benches. I organize everything from plastics to jigs to beads and swivels into storage boxes. I’ m always looking for a new or better way to store boxes. I don’t settle on one size or style to store everything, because no one box does everything you need it to do.

I recently got my hands on a fairly new set of boxes from Bass Mafia called Bait Coffins. These 3700 sized Bait Coffins were pretty slick. First thing we liked about them were the colors. Red and Black and they weren’t see through. I put labels on my boxes so I know what’s in them from the side. So I don’t need to look into them to see what’s in there. I also don’t think sun through a container is always good. So it’s nice to have a solid color option and one that matches Wired2Fish’s theme colors is nice as well.

The next thing I liked was the fact that it’s waterproof and corrosion resistant. It’s got a nice water proof seal, solid locking clasps and inhibiting interiors and dividers. It’s nice to know I can put 48 jigs in one and not worry that my $160 investment is going to rust.


I also love that these coffins came with 44 dividers in them for 48 small slots for storage. I had been using another box and had to get extra dividers and spend the time cutting them out and placing them to be able to setup a jig box like I wanted. This box came setup perfect when I opened it.

I like that it’s ridged on top and on bottom so that these boxes stack nicely on top  of each other. When you have a lot of boxes to store out of a boat or between fishing trips, being stackable makes it nice.

Now for the “catch.” The boxes retail for $27.99. Yep that’s a bunch for storing tackle. But you’re talking about investing in a crush proof, waterproof, rust proof box to keep your tackle lasting well a long time. Will I replace every box in my boat with these. Nope. I can’t afford it as I have more than 80 storage boxes right now. But I’m a little OCD so I’m not claiming I’m the norm.

However will I buy a box for my jigs, for my terminal tackle and as a travel or panic box? You bet I will. I often fish in other anglers boats doing stories, fishing tournaments and more, so it’s nice to have a few boxes I can condense into from other boxes and not have my selection visible to everyone and their brother when unloading and loading.

I’m using one as a jig box and I love it. I’ve got my selection of football jigs, casting jigs, flipping jigs and swim jigs in there as well as extra rattles and replacement skirts. It’s a perfect box for that. I can see it being a great box for hooks, sinkers, beads, swivels, clips, and all the little terminal tackle a man needs to keep up with in one place.

The boxes are available at as well as from their website, The 3700 boxes measure 8-1/2 x 14-1/4 inches so it fits nicely with our other 14 1/4-inch boxes on the shelf and in the boat.

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