13 Fishing Rabbit Ear Joy Stick Worm Review

I love to flip and pitch as do a lot of bass anglers. But I fish on very pressured fishery and it always seems like after the initial wave of largemouth bass comes in the spring, the pitching seems to get tougher. My theory is they get conditioned to the same presentation over and over. So as the season progresses, I generally go from a bulkier bait like a jig and trailer, to a more compact plastic beaver style plastic, until I finally end up pitching a stick bait or small worm.

The 13 Fishing Joy Stick Worm offers a solution to fishing pressure by giving you a skinny profile that still has a little action with the Rabbit Ear Tail.

Stickworm and kickin craw in one

The Joy Stick worm measures 6 inches in length while offering mass in a narrow profile. That added mass gives the tail its kick action on the lift and drop or even swimming it around cover. Part stickbait and part kicking craw, the Joy Stick gives me options.

Rabbit Ear Tail is unique

The Joy Stick worm Rabbit Ear tails are uniquely designed with flattened twisted tails with round kicking feet that catch water even at ultra slow speeds and move really well. I have gotten to wear I always like a flipping bait that kicks because I catch so many bass while reeling a bait out or away from cover. I think just have a plastic that looks dead when you reeling it in cuts down on extra bites.

Slender pitching, punching, flipping profile

The Joy Stick comes through flooded cover really well. I’ve reeled it over grass, pitched it into bushes, skipped it under docks. I like that it can serve me in multiple ways without having to switch up baits. I’ve got a stealthy almost Senko like option but I also have a leg kicking option.

I think a lot of the time I get more bites when I switch to a worm later in the year because that profile is not what they got conditioned to. It seems a lot harder for a bass to get condition to those thinner profiles. The bass keep seeing that shorter bulkier profile and they get conditioned.

Holes to line up your hook

The Joy Stick worm fishes so well on an EWG style hook and on a straight shank hook. With an EWG you can line up the hook perfectly with these holes on the bait. You can figure out where you want the hook to go and then go through that hole when you rig it to help rig it straight every time.

There is a slot on one side and the holes on the other that ensure good rigging and straight running bait. I was also very happy with how well the baits hold up and stay on the hook as I fished them. I was not having to mess with them and each bait caught several fish. The nice thing is you could pinch a bit off and just shorten up and keep on fishing it.

Good looking colors and smells great

I really liked the Black and Tan, Blackberry Cobbler, and Cold Cuts colors for dirty or stained water and the Mardis Craw and OG Sour colors in cleaner water. The Joy Stick looks good swimming over grass and pulling up and down through cover. They get bit in a lot of places which again is what really made me like this style of worm now.

The plastic is infused with 13 Fishing’s fish attractant called Donkey Sauce. It definitely doesn’t smell like cured plastic, which is an added plus in a good plastic bait I think.

Was my go to pitching bait last summer

Last June when everyone went off the bank, I stayed shallow and ended up spending almost the whole summer fishing shallow. Even when I went to Table Rock to fish for a week in June, I ended up finding the best fishing shallow. Pitching this worm and fishing a frog.

This might be out of your norm, but I think you will find this is a profile unique for where you fish and you will get a lot of bites on it for that reason.

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