Swimbait Tips

How to Fish Bluegill Swimbaits for Shallow Water Bass

Bluegill sunfish are a common prey item of largemouth bass, and in many systems, make up the bulk of their diet. Given this fact, it makes good sense to carry some bluegill-imitating baits for when the right situation arises. As Wired2Fish contributor Chris Zaldain notes, hard and jointed swimbaits like the Megabass Vatalion are excellent gill imitators and trigger big bass in shallow water situations.


Bluegill beds, shade lines, grass flats/edges and laydowns are all good locations to employ the tactic. Zaldain shares the two primary ways he fishes twitch gliders around shallow cover. He stresses an upward twitch to maintain a shallow running depth and reduce fouling. Give this unique tactic a try the next time you observe bluegill feeding near the surface in shallow water.