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Finesse Cranking for Schooling Bass

Finesse Cranking for Schooling Bass

Finesse Cranking is something we often associate with clear water lakes but it can be helpful in landing finicky bass in stained water lakes as well.  Recently I was faced with a tough bite on schooling bass that I was forced to experiment with many different baits to figure out what they would be willing to bite.  It turned out that they wanted nothing to do with loud and wide wobbling crank baits.  They ones that caught fish all has a tight wobble and very little if any rattles at all.  Try some finesse crank baits next time you see a school of bass that are very selective on what they will bite.

Baits that have tight wobbles and little noise:

Rapala Risto Rap

Rapala DT 6

Jackall Jaco