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Tips for Carolina Rigging Big Bass

Tips for Carolina Rigging Big Bass

A Carolina-rigged plastic is very effective for catching bass in a variety of conditions, seasons and areas. It can cover a lot of water, and it’s not hard to fish. It works great in shallow water and deep water and anywhere you are covering water looking for changes in bottom composition to pinpoint schools of bass.

It’s lost favor over the years since offshore fishing applications have expanded. More anglers throw big worms and jigs and won’t mess with the Carolina rig. But at times it’s the most effective way to catch big bass, especially later into the summer and early in the fall. When the fish have been pressured and seen a lot of deep diving crankbaits, swimbaits, and jigs, a Carolina-rigged plastic worm can work wonders on catching big fish and numbers of big fish with it’s more subtle approach.

Here are some good tips on fishing is and some nice fish catches by Michael Neal while he explains his technique.