Finding the Fish on a New Lake with Mike Iaconelli

That’s a good one too. That’s a big one. Stay on there, ya stay on there. Oh gosh it’s a big one, “LAUGHING.” You stay on there, you stay on there, you stay on there, you stay on there, you stay on there, you stay on there. Oh gosh, you stay on there it’s hooked on that back hook. Oh gosh…gosh, gosh, gosh “LAUGHING.” Whooooooooooo! Man, that’s what it’s all about. Ya know we were just talking about it, how frustrating it is sometimes when you don’t get a bite right away. Ya know we’re out here for 90 minutes and I mean we feel like we’ve fished the whole lake.

Started on the flat with no grass, went to docks, went to pilings, went to a secondary point with grass, fished a pocket. Finally, almost 2 hours in, we get to a main lake point, real deep, main lake point with chunk rock and I mean, two or three cranks in, ya know, hook a slob. A 4 or 5 pound fish and that is what pattern fishing is all about, ya know, that’s what you need to do every time out. Avoid letting your history hurt you. I know how hard it is, human nature, you want to go out and you want to fish your history. You want to fish what you read that Kevin VanDam was doing. Don’t do that. The only answer to pattern fishing, the only answer to figure out fish, is to listen to the fish. Let the fish tell you what to do. And when you catch them like that, their telling ya something! Whooooooooooo! Man, that is awesome!


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