Spring Fishing Tips

Catching Shallow Bass around the Spawn on the Floating Minnow


With so many ways to catch bass when bass are moving shallow around the spawn, the old school methods like jerking an Original Floating Minnow from Rapala and letting it rise back to the surface seductively often gets overlooked. 

It’s still one of Terry Bolton’s favorite ways to catch springtime bass in relatively clear water when bass are up cruising shallow and you don’t really know where they are going to position, ripping a floating minnow can be very productive. It’s not worked like a jerkbait, but more like a popper or a subtle topwater. You pop it down and let float back up and then when all the commotion settles. You move it again. It’s extremely effective on skittish shallow fish and can be a dynamite way to catch fry guarders as well.

Bolton shows his slow methodical technique, areas to fish it, tackle he likes to throw it on, why he uses a loop knot and a lot more in this fun video to a great throwback technique for bass fishing.

Tackle used in this video: