Z-Man Launches Custom Apparel


"Z-Man culture is real," affirms professional bass man and FLW Tour angler, Brian Latimer. "From fans of their essential Ned rig baits and ChatterBait® bladed jigs to anglers who've made the switch to ElaZtech®, there's an undeniable buzz around what Z-Man is doing right now, not to mention all the anticipation for what they'll come up with next.

"Z-Man fanatics want to wear their passion on their sleeve; no different than identifying with your favorite rock band or football team."

Fueled by the company's core values, vision and ultimately, its ultra-innovative baits, Z-Man's ascension in the fishing industry has generated a growing contingent of followers eager to fly the Z-Man colors. "Our dealers and customers continually ask us when we'll finally unveil a series of elite Z-Man apparel," admits Z-Man president Daniel Nussbaum. "Happy to say, the answer is: right now."


Striving to deliver premium apparel anglers will want to wear on the water as well as off, Z-Man has partnered with leading-edge technical and lifestyle clothing companies, all renowned for stylish, high-level designs. 

"These are all 100-percent custom, private label pieces," notes Nussbaum. "Our aim has been to give our customers the same positive, high-level experience in a Z-Man branded hoodie, hat or shirt as they get when they fish our baits. Starting this holiday season, our fishing fans will be getting a pretty cool lineup of Z-Man branded apparel.

"Each hoodie, hat, shirt and visor reflects Z-Man's identity as a cutting-edge tackle brand, as well as our personalities as hardcore bass, saltwater and multispecies anglers. There's even an homage to our friend, Ned Kehde, godfather of the Midwest Finesse Fishing technique."

To check out their full line of new apparel, click here